How to avoid the fire caused by the power cord and the socket?                     

There are clear reasons about the fire caused by cigarettes, gas, and heaters. If a fire breaks out, this reason would be caused by electricity. In addition, electricity results in a fire which is caused by power cord and socket.              

Below we sort some common sense of using electricity safely for your references to reduce the risk of occurrence.                 

1 Please straighten your power cord to avoid to use in wrapping or crimping status

Some copper wire may be crashed in using power cord for long time. If you continue to use this power cord which may have some crashed copper wires, it may increase electric loading due to pass the smaller area, then causes a fire.               

2. Avoid Overloading                     

Now there are various kind of home appliances to result in the increasing of using electricity. However, because of the limitation of the sockets, the extension cables will be used. Please DO NOT overload the electricity of the extension cable to avoid electrical danger of overloading.                 

3.Periodically clean the dust on the power cord and sockets to avoid in wet status

Sometime the fire can be happened in the normal proper using of electricity, or the place without electricity. Why does the fire break out without electricity? According to the survey, when the connector plugs into the socket without electricity, because the copper wire has the voltage, and if there is the dust and water between the connector and socket, they will bring electricity. In addition, it will make the plastic surface of the plug scorch, then gradually heat and burn even if you don't use electricity.                    

4. Using a rigorous, certified, compliant power cord